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EY Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year

Lucie Matějková
March 27, 2015 | 2.5 min read
Petr Mahdalíček, our CEO and founder of Simplity was granted the EY Beginner's Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 award. Congratulations, Petr!

Simplity offers clients services in the area of so-called "data-intensive" applications, that enable them to set up functioning communication even between seemingly disparate departments (typically IT and business).

“We help clients to better understand the insights from their data,” says Petr Mahdalíček and continues “our philosophy that complex things should be delivered to clients in a simple way, so that our clients are not wasting their time learning how to do complex implementations, but can rather focus on their core business. We strive to make this part simple for our clients. That is why we chose the name Simplity.”

Petr Mahdalíček is not afraid to fulfill orders outside Czechia or the EU, thanks to which almost 100 percent of Simplity's sales currently come from abroad. If everything goes according to plan, then this year, after four years of existence, it will exceed the turnover of CZK 100 million.

"The key is to be aware of your weaknesses, to find capable people who are emerging in these areas, and to cooperate with them," says Petr Mahdalíček about his business and participation in the competition. Watch the full video (in Czech) with Petr.

The Entrepreneur of the Year award is awarded for the fifteenth time this year. The jury selected a record of 84 finalists; the oldest of them was 73 years old, the youngest 26. The Entrepreneur of the Year competition has been organized by the consulting firm EY (formerly Ernst & Young) worldwide since 1986. It currently takes place in almost 60 countries.

See more in Czech television news here (in Czech) or the article by Forbes here (also in Czech).

Lucie Matějková
Marketing Specialist