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Logical Data Warehouse and Multi-Modal Governance

Torsten Priebe
November 22, 2018 | 2.5 min read
The logical data warehouse concept was introduced by Gartner in 2012 and has been continuously developed and promoted since then. This concept provides recommendations on how organizations can build a demand-driven, modern data management capability for analytical applications.

Caught between compliance, agility, and flexibility

Various applications, from financial reporting to campaign management, place different demands on the same information. Some of these requirements may match with the features and SLAs of a certain IT system, while others may conflict. Solutions are needed that represent data in a form that exists primarily at a logical level but is implemented through a combination of different physical databases and data transport components depending on the needs at hand. This, we believe, is the core of the logical data warehouse concept.

Simplity’s data & analytics architecture

To operationalize the presented Gartner concept, Simplity has developed a reference architecture for data management in analytical applications. Simplity offers services around data management and analytics and has supported numerous leading financial institutions in Europe in successfully implementing such initiatives. The service portfolio ranges from strategic consulting in the areas of architecture, data governance, and data quality management to technical implementations of data warehouses, data lakes, and master data management solutions. The Accurity software suite created by Simplity can be used both as a supporting tool in Simplity projects and as an independent data governance solution for metadata, data quality, and reference data management.

Diagram of the Accurity data intelligence software platform solutions (Business Glossary + Data Quality + Master & Reference Data) | Simplity data intelligence professional services

Multimodal data governance

Different requirements for maintainability, traceability, flexibility, and agility require not only different technologies but also different data governance approaches. For this purpose, Simplity has defined three archetypes as shown in the whitepaper: strong governance, agile governance, and loose governance. Simplity’s data governance software suite Accurity is focused on supporting the various governance concepts laid out in this whitepaper.

The logical data warehouse concept is food for thought, not a recipe. It must be adapted to each company’s situation. Our expert team of consultants will be happy to discuss a solution tailored to your needs. Get in touch

Torsten Priebe