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The Joy of Building aka the JOB

Krisztina Begg
July 12, 2016 | 2.5 min read
As a Lego fanatic, I often see things from the perspective of an intricate construction of Lego building bricks. Simplity’s logo was no exception. Using my vast resources of Lego pieces at home, I took the opportunity to set myself the challenge of building the blue and orange circle with Lego bricks.

The result was quite realistic, although my family was rather puzzled, making strange and funny guesses about what it could possibly be: “Is it a door or a clock or a target?” “It is a nice blue circle, but did you run out of blue bricks?” “What is that orange bit? The setting sun has a different shape. No, it is the Moon! But why is it orange and not yellow?” The questions and running commentary were hilarious.

As a matter of fact, if you really think about it, the human race, at least the majority of people, strive to build, to create, to leave something behind or even for the next generation. This provides the foundation for happiness and satisfaction in our daily lives.

This is the same as we do at Simplity… we are creating products and services, powerpoint presentations or documentation. The final result is that our hearts are filled with joy, pride and satisfaction surveying the outcome of our painstaking handiwork.

The JOB is a must-have to make our lives complete. Ergo, make each day a productive one, not only to please the company but also to elevate your spirit by showing a result. Then the following day, continue refining it, just as you would do with a Lego construction. And when you are ready and happy with the outcome, share it with the others in the team and be a real team player, a “Lego Friend”. This is exactly what brings the whole company forward and makes Simplity successful. Keep up the good work!

Krisztina Begg
Senior Consultant