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Providing Data for Regulatory and Internal Reporting for Sberbank

Sberbank needed to implement a new AT DataPool to automate and consolidate banking and accounting data, while providing comprehensive, fully auditable information and statutory reporting for Basel. It would also be extremely useful if the same system could be used for internal reporting too. Learn how Simplity helped Sberbank achieve all these goals.



Enable regulatory and internal reporting

Sberbank Europe: Implementation of a datapool solution

Sberbank Russia acquired Volksbank International (VBI) in 2012 and re-branded the Bank into Sberbank Europe AG. The following year, Sberbank Europe launched its corporate business in Austria to serve corporate clients with a business focus on CEE markets, and in 2014, launched its German online retail bank, Sberbank Direct. Sberbank Europe, as an integral part of one of the largest, fastest growing, and most dynamic financial providers in the world, aims to build sustainable bridges between Russia and the European markets.

The primary task was to implement a datapool for Austria within six months, as a greenfield project, to provide data for regulatory and internal reporting.

“Sberbank Austria needs a datapool in production within the next six months to provide data for regulatory and internal reporting.” – Sberbank Europe


Robust datapool

Construction of a robust, operative datapool based on a Basel III Business Data Model. The database was to be Oracle, using Informatica’s ETL and SSRS as a reporting layer.


AT DataPool covering retail and corporate banking

Within the target six months planned for the project, Simplity successfully implemented the AT DataPool (ATDP) for Sberbank Austria, based on the Basel III data model, and this system covered both retail and corporate banking.

The AT DataPool project was part of the bank's entry into the Austrian market. It was a greenfield implementation, including the necessary IT infrastructure and processes.

The solution supported regulatory reporting as well as reporting to the parent company in Moscow, Russia. In addition, the Simplity solution handled the distribution of documents for Basel III reports.

The AT DataPool also provided data for the bank's Asset & Liability Management (ALM), risk, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and controlling systems.

In 2014, the German online retail bank data was also interfaced to the AT DataPool, enabling consolidated data from Austria and Germany and the provision of data to group regulatory reporting and accounting. ATDP now covers retail and corporate banking, including investment products.


The AT DataPool is:

  • integrated into the internal operations of the Bank

  • connected to key systems such as Svenson, FlexFinance, SAP, and SAS

  • a key component of the delivered solutions for IT infrastructure for Sberbank in Austria and for its expansion in Germany.

The AT DataPool automates and consolidates banking and accounting data while providing comprehensive, fully auditable information for Basel III, and statutory reporting, as well as for internal reporting. Simplity has a proven record of accomplishment as a trustworthy and reliable partner.

Simplity currently continues to provide a comprehensive package for:

  • business consulting and implementation in the fields of workload and data analysis, process proposals, source target matrix, group reporting, and legislative requirements

  • communications with business users

  • proposals and implementation of interfaces for controlling applications

  • the support of ATDP on production

  • data quality assurance

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