ACCURITY DATA VIBES: Data Contracts: The Cornerstone of Data Mesh and Governance


Our solutions

Do you have challenges with data quality, with customer lifetime value, or are you just unsure what the exact problem is? We will define the problem with you, and we guarantee to deliver a solution.


We provide expert end-to-end consulting solutions to help businesses with major business goals like increased revenues, reduced customer churn, and to make full use of their data.

Use cases

Use data for insights

Simplity is empowering companies to fully leverage data-insights for business decisions. We value thorough data preparation and integration for the best possible results. We work with predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to help you identify high-ROI changes.

Grow performance using data

Simplity customer analytics combines data science services with proven data management experience to get insights from customer behavior for better recommendations, improved campaign efficiency, and targeting.

Boost customer loyalty

Simplity is assisting businesses to identify their best customers and factors influencing customer loyalty, examine and reduce customer churn, and advance their loyalty programs by delivering expert analytics services.


Services we help with

Architecture Assessment

We provide strategic planning, design, and tool expertise to our clients to achieve a modern data architecture.

Data Preparation and Integration

Before advanced analytics or reporting can be applied, your data needs to be brought into the right shape and form.

Customer Segmentation

Classify your customers based on machine learning outputs (e.g., predictive RFM Analysis) to identify your best clients.

Market Basket Analysis

Get insights on what products are purchased together for increased cross-selling and up-selling or expansions of brand categories.

How can we help you?

Tell us about your business or data challenge.