Boost customer loyalty

Do you need to know who your best customers are? What customers are at risk of churn? Why are they leaving? What life events are impacting their purchase behavior? How to prevent customer attrition and reduce customer churn? Does your loyalty program need improvements?

Simplity is helping businesses like yours to identify their best customers, analyze and reduce customer churn, and improve their loyalty programs by providing expert analytics services.



Treasure your best customers

Predictable revenues

  • Know your best customers based on customer lifetime value (CLTV) and customer segmentation

  • Predict your monthly or annual recurring revenues (MRR, ARR)

Low customer churn

  • Identify customers at risk and factors making your customers leave

  • Improve customer experience based on sentiment detection

Loyal customers

  • Make a great business case for improving your loyalty program

  • Improved customer service thanks to unified customer profiles across geographical locations


Services we help with

CLTV, Retention, and Churn

Social Media Behavior

Customer Segmentation

Life Events

Customer Journey

Customer Matching

Data Quality

Reference Data Management

How it works

We provide end-to-end project support when providing customer data analytics services to tackle your business challenges. From the initial problem definition, through first POC model to final model and implementation. On premise or in the cloud.


How can we help you?

Are you curious how Simplity can provide insights for increasing your customer loyalty?