ACCURITY DATA VIBES: Data Contracts: The Cornerstone of Data Mesh and Governance


Use data for insights

Do you need to pivot quickly to deliver insights to commercial teams for high-ROI changes? Do you need to harmonize data across systems? Do you want to support your in-house team with expert data consultants? Drive better business results via smart insights from your data.

Extend your capacity to get expert results with speed. Simplity is enabling data teams to fully use data insights for business decisions by assessing your data. We understand the importance of thorough data preparation and integration for the best possible results and we use predictive analytics and AI / artificial intelligence to help you identify high-ROI changes.



Deliver data insights for business fast

Manage and integrate

  • Create a single point of truth

  • Improve customer matching

  • Manage and integrate your data across your systems


  • Identify the gaps in your data

  • Improve data quality and data governance


  • Enable better business decisions using data science models and machine learning

  • Make a business case for investing into data quality


Services we help with

Reference Data Management

Data Preparation and Integration

Data Quality

Data Stewardship

Infrastructure Optimization, DevOps

IT Support & Maintenance

Customer Matching

BI Reports

Architecture Assessment

Clear Roadmap

How it works

We provide end-to-end project support when providing customer data analytics services to tackle your business challenges. From the initial problem definition, through first POC model to final model and implementation. On premise or in the cloud.



Hear From Our Clients

Simplity gave us valuable insights into affinities in our product portfolio. This enables us to recommend the right samples of perfumes and other beauty products and increase the purchases of full products in the end. Outsourcing of analytics services with Simplity went smooth.

Martin Kavrik, Head of Data Science at Notino

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Contact person for this topic

Karel Žitný - Business Consultant (Customer Analytics) | Employee | Simplity data intelligence professional services
Karel Žitný - Business Consultant (Customer Analytics) | Employee | Simplity data intelligence professional services

Karel Žitný

Data Solutions Director

Senior business consultant focusing on e-commerce and marketing for business revenue and growth, with comprehensive experience in marketing automation, digital marketing, GTM, SEO, Google Analytics.

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