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Grow performance using data

Do you aim to increase average order value and revenues through better recommendations, upsells, or cross-sells? Do you strive to improve the ROI of your marketing campaigns thanks to better targeting? Do you need to know what products are purchased together? Are you in need of product and campaign efficiency?

Act based on data, not assumptions. Simplity customer analytics combines data science services with proven data management experience to get insights from customer behavior for better recommendations, improved campaign efficiency, and targeting.



Unlock the full potential of your customers


  • Use your campaign budget more efficiently

  • Celebrate higher conversions thanks to better targeting and recommendations

Increase ROI

  • Increase your ROI based on results from data science models

  • Impact revenues using data-insights


  • Provide more personalized experiences to your customers

  • Identify the right products to offer to your customers


Services we help with

Customer Matching

Customer Segmentation

Customer Journey

CLTV, Retention, and Churn

Market Basket Analysis


Data Quality

BI Reports

How it works

We provide end-to-end project support when providing customer data analytics services to tackle your business challenges. From the initial problem definition, through first POC model to final model and implementation. On premise or in the cloud.



Hear From Our Clients

Simplity gave us valuable insights into affinities in our product portfolio. This enables us to recommend the right samples of perfumes and other beauty products and increase the purchases of full products in the end. Outsourcing of analytics services with Simplity went smooth.

Martin Kavrik, Head of Data Science at Notino

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Contact person for this topic

Karel Žitný

Data Solutions Director

Senior business consultant focusing on e-commerce and marketing for business revenue and growth, with comprehensive experience in marketing automation, digital marketing, GTM, SEO, Google Analytics.

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