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How to Improve Customer Retention

47 min

Jan Rážek
Karel Žitný
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What you will learn from the webinar recording

Are you looking for efficient strategies how to improve retention rates and reduce customer churn? Do you wonder how to predict the lifetime value of your customers? In this webinar, our business consultants, Karel Zitny and Jan Razek, will guide you through the analytic steps for improving retention strategies for different industries, including e-commerce and financial services.

Watch our webinar recording to learn how to influence customer retention. We are talking about:

  • Customer matching to get a single customer view considering the omnichannel environment

  • Predicting customer lifetime value 

  • Predicting customers' propensity to churn

  • Customer segments and micro-segments for efficient targeting, pricing, and risk management purposes

  • Improving customer retention and reducing customer churn

And also, why the test & learn approach is essential.

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