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Simplity Enhanced Its Analytics Services Offering

Dana Toušová
April 20, 2021 | 6 min read
Businesses nowadays are looking more and more into data analytics to help them better understand and retain their customers, personalize content, plan, and evaluate campaigns, and develop products. Simplity is extending its traditional data intelligence services with customer analytics using data science.

Simplity has been making data intelligence simpler for everyone since 2010 and has been focusing on delivering end-to-end projects for our clients in highly secured environments. Our traditional counterparts were BI and business teams such as controlling, risk, or accounting within the clients’ organizations. However, we have been seeing increasing demand for a better understanding of customer behavior and the data behind it also from the commercial teams. Marketers, and commercial roles in general, are no longer happy with assumptions and gut feelings and are looking for data to base their decisions and improvements on, and often also to introduce automated predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Equally, technical roles are still instrumental in supplying business roles with solid data where data assessment and data curation play an essential role in how more advanced analytics can be delivered and used. This is especially valid in regulated industries with high requirements on data governance and data stewardship, e.g. banking and insurance.

Building on its successful data intelligence projects in banking and other finance-related industries, Simplity is expanding its consulting services also to e-commerce. “We see increased demand for data insights thanks to accelerated growth of e-commerce during the last year, which boomed even faster with the pandemic impact on consumer behavior worldwide,” said Petr Mahdalicek, Simplity’s CEO and founder. E-commerce, with its great amount of customer data, can benefit greatly from advanced analytics using data science. If the possibilities to deliver insights to commercial teams in-house are limited, analytics services providers can offer a good alternative to help you pivot to new data science techniques for improved insights.

Our customers are seeking analytics services in three key areas:

  • how to leverage data for business insights and decisions;

  • how to expand their business from existing clients and grow eshop performance; and

  • how to boost customer loyalty.

Let's take a closer look at these key areas.

Use data for business insights

Organizations increasingly rely on data to drive planning and decision-making, hence extensive data collection and manipulation are essential. This allows businesses to react to market opportunities and changes in consumer behavior. Our expert analytics team supports clients where the data needs of business teams cannot be met internally or are preferred to be outsourced for known costs. Our clients are enabled to support business decisions through data insights, data management, and data science.

Grow performance using data

Customers nowadays are expecting personalized experiences from businesses. Providing such experiences means being able to use customer data for personalization and targeting the clients. Data are increasingly used to suggest upsells or cross-sells or recommend products that their clients are likely to buy by examining what products are typically purchased together. Data insights are crucial for the higher efficiency of campaigns. Simplity can unlock the full potential of customer data for our clients with traditional and advanced analytics services, e.g., RFM segmentation or market basket analysis.

Boost customer loyalty

Upsells, cross-sells, or renewals are not only a way to expand a company's revenue but are closely tied to customer retention, influencing the profitability of every business. Companies with high customer churn spend a lot of resources on sales and marketing to replace the customers they lose. Increasing the lifetime value of their customers is a step towards predictable revenues for businesses. We help our clients to identify their best customers, monitor, and predict customer churn, and improve their loyalty programs for improved business stability.

“We are confident that our extended services catalog introduced on our new website will help our clients to address business challenges and deliver value based on data, in areas which were often based on assumptions in the past. Our advantage is that we can deliver end-to-end projects from data assessment and data curation to data science and we cherry-pick the needed services for the needs of the particular client challenge,” said Stefan Markus, Head of Services at Simplity.

Besides new services and a new website for Simplity, we recently launched a new brand for our in-house-built Accurity Data Intelligence platform, which covers data harmonization, data quality, and ensures integrated data management. Simplity's services team is often using Accurity within projects for our clients (as well as other platforms like Informatica). Thanks to its Accurity platform, Simplity has been listed by Gartner since 2017 in their Market Guide for Information Stewardship Applications. Simplity was also named by Gartner as “a 2017 Cool Vendor in Information Innovation and Governance” as the 3rd company in Europe.

Do you fancy a career in data intelligence? With the extended services offering, we are also expanding our team – see our vacancies listed via Simplity’s independent hiring partner Iconity.

If you’d like to find out more about how to address your business challenge using data intelligence, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to discuss it with you.

Dana Toušová
VP Marketing