Our services

Leverage technology to meet today’s modern business and regulatory requirements. We help clients to realize the powerful potential from their extensive databases. We work with our clients to solve their most complex data handling issues via delivering strategy and implementation solutions from a business and technology perspective.

Our customer analytics services will help you gain a single customer view and make business decisions about customer acquisition and retention.


Client focused services

We tailor the services to your exact business or data challenges, always aiming to deliver value at speed.

Data assessment

Understanding the status of your customer data opens new possibilities for data-driven decisions that can dramatically improve the customer experience.

Data curation

We amplify the value of data across all use cases from reporting to analytics and data science. We strive to make data accessible even for non-technical consumers.

Analytics and data science

Make your key business decisions data-driven by applying our state-of-the-art customer analytics services using machine learning.


Evaluate the status quo of your data and identify areas of improvement by comparing the as-is situation with your desired target-state descriptions per dimension or data service. We will define quick wins to achieve improvements in a short period of time. We provide recommendations based on knowledge and best practices applied in business. Such an evaluation will identify gaps you need to fill to provide your customers with personalized omnichannel experiences.

Clear Roadmap

Based on the initial assessment and your target solution, we will provide a clear roadmap breaking down the overall target.

Architecture Assessment

We provide strategic planning, design, and tool expertise to our clients to achieve a modern data architecture.


In today’s competitive environment, businesses seek innovative and powerful ways to leverage technology to meet today’s modern business and regulatory requirements. Simplity’s IT professionals help clients to realize the powerful potential from their extensive databases. All the tasks from reading, validating, cleansing, and correcting data to integration and reporting are wrapped up in separate processes.

BI Reports

Integrated data becomes tangible and actionable when presented in well-defined, structured, and formatted reports and dashboards, tailored for the respective audience.

Data Preparation and Integration

Before advanced analytics or reporting can be applied, your data needs to be brought into the right shape and form.

Customer Matching

We facilitate the creation of master customer records called a single customer view or 360-degree customer view.

Reference Data Management

Link all your critical data to a common point of reference. Minimize data duplication and synchronization. Reduce infrastructure costs.

Data Quality

Data profiling and cleansing, paired with reports and dashboards, supported by our Accurity Quality software.

Data Stewardship

Define clear ownership of your data and make data quality improvements part of your daily business.

IT Support & Maintenance

Simplity can help you refine or tune your data warehouse configuration to comply with changing demands.

Infrastructure Optimization, DevOps

Simplity ensures improved performance and a more efficient and secure information technology (IT) infrastructure for your data warehouse.

and data science

We assist our clients to confidently navigate business goals to increase revenues, reduce customer churn, and make full use of their customer data. Simplity offers an expert analyst and data scientist team using descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics and machine learning to ensure our clients meet their KPIs.


Enhance your customer experience by recommending personalized offers of products that your clients want to see and buy.

Look-alike Modelling

We leverage machine learning to enable you to extend the reach of your campaigns and increase the engagement rate.

Market Basket Analysis

Get insights on what products are purchased together for increased cross-selling and up-selling or expansions of brand categories.

CLTV, Retention, and Churn

Predictions of customer lifetime value (CLTV). Analysis of customer churn and customer churn rates and improvements to loyalty programs.

Social Media Behavior

Social media are rich sources of data on interests, life events, and demands of your customers.

Life Events

Find correlations between your clients’ life events and their purchasing behavior.

Customer Segmentation

Classify your customers based on machine learning outputs (e.g., predictive RFM Analysis) to identify your best clients.

Customer Journey

Map customer touchpoints by making a list of when and how your clients engage with your brand.

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