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Customer analytics
for e-commerce

Don’t miss what your customers want. Act based on customer data to provide a relevant, personalized experience for keeping your customers loyal, fueling your business growth.

Profile your customers, maximize baskets with more upsells and cross-sells. Advance your business decision-making with Simplity Customer Analytics.



Customer insights for personalization, revenue growth, and efficiency

Whether your challenge is campaign efficiency, customer churn, lacking the single customer view, or you’re not sure exactly what your issue is — we'll work with you to define the problem, and we guarantee to deliver a solution. Customer analytics bring benefits in these areas:


  • Use your campaign budget more efficiently

  • Celebrate higher conversions thanks to better targeting and recommendations

High ROI

  • Increase your ROI based on results from data science models

  • Impact revenues using data-insights


  • Provide more personalized experience to your customers

  • Identify right products to offer to your customers


How customer analytics are solving business challenges

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Services we help with


Enhance your customer experience by recommending personalized offers of products that your clients want to see and buy.

Market Basket Analysis

Get insights on what products are purchased together for increased cross-selling and up-selling or expansions of brand categories.

CLTV, Retention, and Churn

Predictions of customer lifetime value (CLTV). Analysis of customer churn and customer churn rates and improvements to loyalty programs.

Customer Matching

We facilitate the creation of master customer records called a single customer view or 360-degree customer view.

How we help

Why analytics services

Do you need data insights where requirements are beyond internal capabilities or infrastructure? Do you favor rapid response to your business challenge? Do you need to innovate, prototype, or discover value quickly? Simplity is an award-winning data-specialized consultancy with 12+ years of international experience from large-scale projects in highly secure environments with a focus on data quality and management. We ensure quality insights backed by our knowledgeable and experienced team of data scientists and analysts.

How we deliver value fast

1. Initial meeting and discovery phase 2. Brainstorming and data assessment 3. Solution proposal 4. Proof of concept 5. Implementation and recommendation 6. Rollout and evaluation


Simply an award-winning company


What our clients are saying

Simplity gave us valuable insights into affinities in our product portfolio. This enables us to recommend the right samples of perfumes and other beauty products and increase the purchases of full products in the end. Outsourcing of analytics services with Simplity went smooth.

Martin Kavrik, Head of Data Science at Notino

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