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How to Boost E-commerce Success with Customer Analytics

Major market changes impact consumer behavior and recent shifts have accelerated online retail globally. Such e-commerce boom generates a vast amount of customer data and the need to use this data to personalize the experience for the customers is pushing customer analytics to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Make sure you are getting the right insights from your customer data to drive revenue and growth. You can create better shopping experiences that reflect how customers are altering their buying behaviors. Prioritize data in your business strategy to help you to win customers over your competition. So, how do you make customer analytics work for you?

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From this whitepaper, you will:

  • Learn about the different types of customer insights, their impact and benefits, including real-life projects

  • Understand what roles are supporting customer insights in organizations and when external analytics services providers can step in

  • Discover the common roadblocks to getting insights from customer data

  • Acquire tips for choosing analytics services providers

  • Get a checklist for leveraging customer analytics

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Simplity gave us valuable insights into affinities in our product portfolio. This enables us to recommend the right samples of perfumes and other beauty products and increase the purchases of full products in the end. Outsourcing of analytics services with Simplity went smooth.

Martin Kavrik, Head of Data Science at Notino

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